This article makes me wonder what “the face” of rock and roll would look like now if RS featured more women and POC in the ‘60s - ‘80s.

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This is a wonderful breakdown of Wenner's problematic history. The chart is staggering. His comments aren't new and the years of going unchecked made his ego so huge that these consequences won't be enough. The book will make him money. His legacy, in his mind, is still intact. He's literally out there telling people that he has the power to change the world. On his press tour, he said this: " I’m exuberant like Bono, and we’re gonna save the world tomorrow. I’m like deep, thoughtful Bruce, and we’re gonna save the world tomorrow. And with Mick, we’re gonna go out dancing."

Thank you for doing the work of amplifying the voices of women.

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Thank you for delving deeper into this issue and controversy with The Masters. I was deeply disappointed. And on a brighter note, LOVE coloring contest winner.

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