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Ethnomusicology, Whitewashing, & Appropriation of Black Music feat. Kelley Glover

Ethnomusicology, Whitewashing, & Appropriation of Black Music feat. Kelley Glover

Kelley Glover is an ethnomusicologist, teacher, and entrepreneur who created, composed, and produced the music education game app and cartoon UBetterSing! One of her goals is to educate music lovers about systematic racism, colonization practices, and how they affect music academia. Kelley’s research and stories stem from her personal experiences and research at Howard University and public education music programs as both a student and teacher. This episode contains frank and sometimes difficult topics that we need to understand so we can all create and enjoy music that we believe in, relate to, and love. 

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In this episode, Kelley covers:

- Her relation to famous musical celebrities (Danny Glover isn’t one of them!). 

- Defining ethnomusicology, music appropriation in the classroom, and the white washing of blackface minstrel songs. 

- Mandated classical-European musical instruction and its limitations on diverse music genres in academia.

- Research projects with Texas State University and HeartMath on the relation between stress, music, and meditation.

- Her music education program UBetterSing! and its goal to educate the next generation of music in a modern, diverse, and entertaining way. 

And, of course, Kelley’s answers to The Shakedown! See guest links and videos here.

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