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Female Guitar Techs Who Don’t Fret The Small Stuff

Female Guitar Techs Who Don’t Fret The Small Stuff

Today, we’re coming at you from Strait Music, Austin’s 3rd generation, family-owned music store that has won the Austin Music Awards Best Instrument Repair award for three out of the last four years.   

The secret sauce includes not one but *two* female guitar techs (and multi-instrumentalists) who work side by side, which is like finding a 5-leaf clover in the desert.   

Meet the women who are upstairs, behind the bench, and close to every guitar’s heart: Lauren Ellis and Jessica Baker.

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Jessica and Lauren cover:

-- The difference between a guitar tech, a backline tech, and a luthier.

-- Lauren’s experience of touring with The Eagles vs. The Monkees.

-- Jessica’s hardest gig EVER, and why she’d do it all over again.

-- How to play with the boys and be taken seriously.

-- Are United Auto Workers union members natural musicians? Lauren knows best :-) 

And, of course, The Shakedown!

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