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GoGo Germaine: A Riot Grrrl’s Fury Painted Black

GoGo Germaine: A Riot Grrrl’s Fury Painted Black

Teen rebellion, hard truths, and synesthesia as a super power

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Author and music journalist Erin Barnes, a.k.a. GoGo Germaine, shares the highs and lows of her girl gang days as a teen rebel. Her book Glory Guitars: Memoir of a ‘90s Teenage Punk Rock Grrrl chronicles Gogo’s questionable firsts at varying degrees of sobriety. There’s more than meets the eye to a woman who discovered she can see the true colors and healing power of music and words.   

In This Episode

  • The story behind Erin’s nom de plume GoGo Germaine

  • Defining a riot grrrl from her own experience

  • Reliving hard memories like her jarring first kiss (trigger warning)

  • The anger her girl gang carried and how it manifested

  • Her super power: synesthesia, what it is and how it works for her

  • Advice for women aspiring to become music journalists and authors

Disclaimer: Opinions of show guests are not necessarily those of Thea Wood Productions, LLC or its employees, volunteers, advisors, or contractors. 

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Guest: Erin Barnes, a.k.a. GoGo Germaine

Host and Producer: Thea Wood

Photos: Glenn Ross

Book Cover: Carri Lawrence

Book Cover Art: Joel Amat Güell Art

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