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Janis Wallin: The Mistress of Groove

Janis Wallin: The Mistress of Groove


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Bassist Janis Wallin is the “Mistress of Groove” of the jam band scene. With decades of experience, she’s the bass teaching, vegetarian-eating,  Bootsy-loving trail blazer with an alter ego.

In This Episode

  • Why it took nine years for her band Family Groove Company to finish their newest album titled “Through With Tomorrow” 

  • The story behind a personal invite to join legendary bassist Victor Wooten — with only 10 minutes to show time

  • How to prepare for playing in multiple bands who improvise on hundreds of songs

  • Her sidekick Bootsy and her rap-lovin’ alter ego (you may see her on stage!)

Disclaimer: Opinions of show guests are not necessarily those of Thea Wood Productions LLC, or its employees, volunteers, officers/directors, or contractors.

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Guest: Janis Wallin

Host and Producer: Thea Wood

Photo: Howard Greenblatt


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