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Kendal Conrad: Country Pop’s New Leader of The Pack

Kendal Conrad: Country Pop’s New Leader of The Pack

Don’t let the sweet smile and upbeat outlook fool you. Throw Kendal Conrad to the wolves, and she’ll come back the leader of the pack. Kendal is country pop’s rising star who isn’t afraid to create her own opportunity in an industry full of closed doors and scary stories. In fact, she’s up for the challenge with her “I dare you” attitude and a killer cowboy boot collection.  

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In this episode, Kendal Conrad reveals:

Why she hesitated to release her single “Leader of the Pack”

How she wound up singing on stage with Keith Urban

The trick to landing stadium gigs

Her obsession with horror movies, including a lullaby for Norman Bates

The tough road for women in country music

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“Leader of The Pack” song by Kendal Conrad, Sharen Conrad, Anthony Gallagher

Host: Thea Wood

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Voiceover: Cathryn Wood

Feature photo: Jim Trocchio 

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