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Lurleen Ladd: Pursuing Music As A Second Act

Lurleen Ladd: Pursuing Music As A Second Act

Challenges for women over 40 entering the music industry

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Todays’s guest is a singer-songwriter with an evolutionary heart. Her story shines light on the meandering path that many of us often travel before finally committing to pursuing our deepest passions. An accountant and social worker by training, she founded nonprofits and other businesses with her husband, Dan.

While she couldn’t muster the courage to audition for a voice class in college, she had the experience and grit to take a leap of faith and commit to a singing career. In a music industry that ages women out of success by their 30th birthday, she took the challenge head on.

Since then, she’s released the appropriately titled pop album “No Goin’ Back” and has committed to helping other women over 40 realize their musical dreams. This year, she founded Wavemakers: Women In Music for women over 40 who are ready to take a chance and pursue a singing career.

She’s the activist with a big voice, a big mind, and big aspirations of wiping ageism off the face of the music industry.

Welcome, Lurleen Ladd! 

In This Episode

– Growing up in an abusive household

– Perfection as a dream killer

– The “Hell No!” spreadsheet we might all need

– How radio helped cure stage fright

– Kids vs. adults and the learning arc

– Lurleen’s plans to help women over 40 start singing as their second act 

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Connect with Lurleen Ladd

Meet Lurleen Ladd in person or by live stream on Monday, November 6, 2023.


Websites https://lurleenladd.com/ and https://www.wwimusic.com/






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