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Michele Darling: Women, Technology & Music's Future

Michele Darling: Women, Technology & Music's Future

The first female Chair of Electronic Production and Design at Berklee, Michele Darling talks women, technology, and the future of music.

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Today’s guest is the first female chair of the Electronic Production and Design Department at Berklee College of Music. She is a sound designer, Composer/Producer, Recording engineer, and founder of Women Beatmakers.

She worked for many years as part of the Emmy Award–winning production team at Sesame Workshop, where she composed music, worked on sound design, and recorded voice work for The Muppets. Other sound credits include animated television shows, such as Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!; online media; games; and applications for clients such as 4Kids Entertainment, HBO Family, the Learning Channel, Moshi Monsters, Toca Boca, and more.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she performs with Girls Like Bass as her alter ego Misha D and with the experimental project Aerostatic.

From college chair by day to funked up beat master by night, meet the talented Michele Darling!

In This Episode

— Learn what electronic music production and design is all about and how music is used in movie and gaming environments

— How Virtual Reality is shaping the future of sound engineering and music

— Music for classic cartoons like Looney Tunes vs. modern anime like Pokemon

— Alter ego Misha D and the importance of nomenclature as an entertainer

— Why adding tech education into women’s groups promotes gender equity in music

Connect with Michele Darling


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Guest: Michele Darling

Host & Producer: Thea Wood, Thea Wood Productions, LLC

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