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Satori Shakoor: Detroit's Funkadelic Midwife of Stories

Satori Shakoor: Detroit's Funkadelic Midwife of Stories

The Bride of Funkenstein is wedded to storytelling

Satori Shakoor: Detroit's Funkadelic Midwife of Stories

Born Jeanette McGruder in 1954, Detroit native Satori Shakoor knew she wanted to be a star from a young age. Her wish was granted with an audition for George Clinton’s group, The Brides of Funkenstein, and later becoming backing singer for Parliament Funkadelic. Stardom takes on many forms, and hers led to an unexpected yet successful career in storytelling after traumatic life-changing events. This episode is dedicated to storytellers everywhere.

Note: This episode was recorded in 2022. If there is one regret I have besides it’s delayed publication, it’s that we didn’t talk about the amazing costumes Satori wore on stage. A good reasons for a follow-up chat!

In This Episode

  • A third grader with a homemade violin

  • New York, stolen recordings and Luther Vandross and Irene Cara

  • A day in the life as a “Brides of Funkenstein” with Parliament Funkadelic

  • Recovering from post partum depression

  • How the loss of her child and the Wall Street crash changed her life’s direction

  • How storytelling became her life’s purpose

Meet Satori!

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Guest: Satori Shakoor

Host and Producer: Thea Wood

Intern: Nora Kapp

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