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Connie Reeves: Saved By The Light

Connie Reeves: Saved By The Light

Taff Optical Pickups’ Leader talks innovation, sobriety, and purpose

Connie Reeves: Saved By The Light

Taff Optical Pickups founder Connie Reeves could have missed her calling. Spending her young, formative years in war-torn Chile, Connie’s adulthood was plagued by depression and alcoholism. But one dark day, a small ray of light changed her life’s direction. With the spiritual green light from a 1960’s pioneer in sound technology, Connie went on to develop this millennium’s biggest advancement in stringed instrumental amplification.

In This Episode

  • A “terrifying” first concert experience and Shakedown Q&A

  • What is a pickup and how it works

  • What makes Taff pickups different and better for the discerning player

  • How a ray of light saved her life

  • Advice for women starting over and following their passion when others say they are crazy

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Connect with Connie

Taff Optical Pickups Website



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Guest: Connie Reeves
Host and Producer: Thea Wood
Intern: Nora Kapp

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